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List of Changes and effective dates: 

1. All exhibitions are $5 no matter what time - Effective immediately - Way to confusing to keep up with in the mix of entries.
2. Payouts will be in Check format - Effective March 8 Cleveland Show - To speed up the payout process, keep a paper trail, ensure absolute accuracy and to ease of mailing.
3. Any payouts not picked up at the show will be mailed out the following Monday - Effective immediately - I personally don't want to be responsible for hanging on to money.
4. Work Points signup list will be at the show as well as still available online.
5. If you arrive at any arena the night before and wish to stay over night you must check in with me to determine whether or not you will incur any stall fees or rv hookup fees - Effective Immediately - Most arenas charge for the use of stalls, pens, and rv hookups overnight.
6. Any and all exhibitions or entries must be paid for when signed up on site this includes if you are getting exhibitions from someone else; you would have to pay then collect your money from them. Pre entries are excluded since we allow for payment at the show.  - Effective Immediately
7. If you pre enter for the show and decide to draw out it must be done prior to the day of the show. Any no show or draw outs done on the race date will still be assessed a $10 penalty that must be paid before they can compete in the next show. - Effective Immediately - There were a few no call / no shows from Livingston.
Please feel free to call or email me with any concerns. These rules are meant to benefit the district as a whole and will be added to our By-Laws.  


Photographer at all races!

Pictures will be $5 each and can either be put on a cd or a flash drive. 

New Classes Added for 2014 Year!

Adult class ages 19 - 49
Senior 50 & over
Youth class will be split into 2 but they will all run together.
12 & under
Open and Youth Poles will be a 3-D with 1 sec splits