Thank You MARTIN AUTO GROUP! 2016 Bob Berg Buckle Series

2016 Buckle Series

July 9 & 23, August 6, 20, & 27, September 3

Bob Berg Buckle Series brought to you by MARTIN AUTO GROUP Cleveland, TX! Buckles to all D winners! Saddle to Target Race Winner!

Bull Sallas Arena 21681 McCleskey Rd, New Caney, TX 77357 CLICK HERE FOR MAP
Books open at 5pm
Exhibitions 5:30 - 7:30 $5 EA 3 / $12
Future Champs 8 & under (beginner) 8pm
Main Race Starts immediately after
Books Close LAST 25 RIDERS FOR JACKPOT & First Runner for World Points

Pre Entries open the Monday before each race at 9am and close the thursday before at 6pm. Text horse rider class and any carry overs to 281-961-1082. ***please do not send more than one message until you receive a reply as this will move your place in line. 

Classes - All classes run together. If running more than one class, it is your option to run multiple times or carry over.
Open - 4D $35
Youth 12 & under - 4D $25
Teen 13-18 - 4D $25
Adult 19 - 49 - 3D $25
Senior 50 & over - 3D $20
Novice 2D - $20
Target Race - $40 (one time entry per horse / rider combo for the entire series)*** carry over only!

Prize nomination $10 per horse/rider/class combo (target race is not included in this) 

$5 office fee per rider (not per horse - this pays our barrel setters and gate attendee)
Exhibitions $5 each or 3 / $12

NBHA World Points - $2 per entry
Open 5D
Youth 5D
Teen 5D
Senior 5D

Vendor Fee $25 per race

Want to earn some money back?? Set some barrels or work the gate! We pay $10/hr per barrel or gate! 

Thank You Ka-Tex Constructors and The Griffith Family!!

THANKS TO THE GRIFFITH FAMILY AND KA-TEX CONSTRUCTORS, INC. this show will now be part of the next buckle series!!! Thank you so much for sponsoring !! Next show will be Friday July 3, working on August date (either 14 or 15) and then October 9. all at New Caney must attend 3 out of 4 and nominate for buckles. If we can get another sponsor in we can add additional prizes. Thanks Again!!!

Schools Out Summer Fun Friday!! June 12

Schools Out Summer Fun Friday!!
Bull Sallas Arena New Caney, TX
 Books open at 5pm
 Exhibitions 5:30 - 7:30 $5 EA or 3 / $12
 Future Champs 8 & under (beginner) 8pm
 Main Race Starts immediately after
 NBHA World Point Books Close FIRST RUNNER
 Classes - All classes run together. If running more than one class, it is your option to run multiple times or carry over.
 Open - 4D $35
 Youth 12 & under - 4D $25
 Teen 13-18 - 4D $25
 Adult 19 - 49 - 3D $25
 Senior 50 & over - 3D $20
 Novice 1D - $20

 $5 office fee per rider (not per horse)
 No memberships. No Work Points. No Sponsorships.
 80/20 PAYOUT

 Pre Entries open Mon June 8 @ 10am Text rider name, horse name and class entries and any carry overs to 281-961-1082 If you don't receive a draw number within 24 hours please resend. No numbers will be sent out after 9pm each night. Pre entries close Thurs June 11 @ 6 pm. All entries must be paid for at least 25 horses before your run or you will be scratched.


Due to the extreme weather conditions we will have this weekend, we are canceling the race tomorrow and rescheduling it for next Sunday March 29. Therefore next weekend will be a two day event Saturday and Sunday. Since this is very last minute and to help those with Sunday plans out, we will allow everyone the option to run twice on Saturday and count the second run towards the Sunday race. You must run twice though, we will not carry over any times due to NBHA rules. Payout for the Sunday runs would still be done on Sunday and mailed out if you are not present. Please share this with all that you know so that nobody makes a trip. Pre entries will open for next weekend events on Monday at 10 am.

March 21st Race

Good Evening Everyone! Just wanted to remind everyone that pre entries will open tomorrow morning at 10 am and will stay open until Friday at 6 pm. We will be pre entering for exhibitions as well. They will be sold based on 30 minute time slots for example 9:30 - 10:00, 10:00 - 10:30, etc all the way till 12:30pm. Please include what time slot you want in your pre entry text. Please also remember I have a little one and only get to sleep when she deems necessary so I might not respond for a few hours and wont respond after 9pm. If you don't hear from me after 24 hours please resend the message. Phone number to text is 281-961-1082 We are having practice night Wed from 5-9pm at the arena $5 per horse. If you want to prepay for your runs then you can. Have a wonderful night and see you all this weekend!

Jan 24th race pre entries open!!

Full to 117 already get your pre entries in. Need rider name horse classes and if you want to run multiple times or carry over. Exhibitions are first come first serve day of the race. Remember youth is 12 & under teen is 13-18. 281-961-1082

NBHA TX 26 - Year End Awards 2014 Ceremony


Come out and celebrate the closing of a wonderful year! Starting right after 2015 Race 1 finishes (I would guess around 6pm). Full Concession stand all day -
Dinner plates will be sold for $6 each and must be reserved ahead of time. Dinner will consist of Baked Spaghetti, Salad and French Bread. Please text your rsvp to 281-961-1082.

Please notify any buckle sponsors and above they will be receiving a commemorative award and we would love to thank them in person.

If you have won an award and cannot attend the ceremony please make arrangements to have someone pick up your items or get with us to arrange shipping. The shipping will be at the winners expense.

Also I will need all winners plus a few others to fill out a W-9 before they leave so please bring your social security cards, this includes kids.

Above and Beyond Thank You Loyal Help (please be present):
Wendy & Kenneth Ellington
Sheila Newhman
Karen LaCaze
Wendy Bode
Joe McWilliams
Mario Segovia

Thank You Platinum Sponsors:
Martin Ram
Rollins Construction
Star Metal Roofing & Stone
Big Tex Trailers

Thank You Gold Sponsors:
Arena Rover
LaCaze Air
Presswood Logging
Bill Fick Ford
Triple SSS Ranch
7B Cattle Company
Clark Insurance
Pam Deblasio
Bright Star Solutions
Trinity Valley Medical Clinic
Concord Rd Window Screen

Award Placings

Future Champions

Open Barrels - Prizes through 5th place
1D - 1 - Susan Liggitt
2. Ashton Clark
3. Twila LaBuff
4. Toni Grant
5. Bobbi Wallace
2D - 1 Jessica Richards
2. Ashton Clark
3. Twila LaBuff
4. Holly Hicks
5. Brittany Holcomb
3D - 1. Tristan Moschella
2. Gabriella Escobedo
3. Jessica Richards
4. Katie McBride
5. Tonnee Hawthorne
4D - 1 Leta Walters
2. Janice Bowman
3. Karson McWilliams
4. Jo Ellen Cowan
5. Lori Adams

Youth - Prizes through 5th place
1D - 1 Tristan Moschella
2. Aspen Grant
3. Katie Vice
4. Baileigh Terrell
5. Jessica Rollins
2D - 1 Katie Vice
2. Tristan Moschella
3. Bailleigh Terrell
4. Brynn Wilkinson
5. Adisyn Henderson
3D - 1 Tara Jo Segovia
2. Baileigh Terrell
3. Adisyn Henderson
4. Tristan Moschella
5. Aspen Grant
4D - 1 Tara Jo Segovia
2. Josie Rollins
3. Chasey Speaks
4. McKenzie Browning
5. Montana McMaster

Teen Barrels - Prizes through 5th place
1D - 1 Ashton Clark
2. Ashlyn Wright
3. Maddison Smith
4. Lori Bailleaux
5. Katie McBride
2D - 1 Maddison Smith
2. Gabriella Escobedo
3. Frankie Carona
4. Paige Deblasio
5. Lori Bailleaux
3D - 1 Maddison Smith
2. Frankie Carona
3. Gabriella Escobedo
4. Caelin Presswood
5. Lori Bailleaux
4D - 1 Hailey Meeks
2. Karson McWilliams
3. Frankie Carona
4. Caelin Presswood
5. Madison McWilliams

Adult Barrels - Prizes through 4th place
1D - 1 Bobbi Wallace
2. Tonnee Hawthorne
3. Brittany Holcombe
4. Lacy Sizemore
2D - 1 Brittany Holcombe
2. Tonnee Hawthorne
3. Stacie Walker
4. Bobbi Wallace
3D - 1 Tammy McBride
2. Bobbi Wallace
3. Janice Bowman
4. Tonnee Hawthorne
4D - 1 Leta Walters
2. Tammy McBride
3. Brittany Holcombe
4. Janice Bowman

Senior Barrels - Prizes through 4th place
1D - 1 Susan Liggitt
2. Twila LaBuff
3. Jessica Richards
4. Wendy Ellington
2D - 1 Lori Adams
2. Wendy Ellington
3. Twila LaBuff
4. Linda Shackelford
3D - 1 Jo Ellen Cowan
2. Deb McDonald
3. Lori Adams
4. Tracey Frediani

Novice - Prizes through 3rd place
1D - 1 Stacie Walker
2. Karen LaCaze
3. Shawn McMane

All Around  - Tonnee Hawthorne

Open Poles - Prizes through 4th place
1D - 1 Katie McBride
2. Lacy Sizemore
3. McKenzie Browning
4. Ashyln Wright
2D -1 Adisyn Henderson
2. Katie McBride
3&4 Coin Toss - Bobbi Wallace & Lacy Sizemore
3D - 1 Tonnee Hawthorne
2. Josie Rollins
3. Gabriella Escobedo
4. McKenzie Browning

Youth Poles - Prizes through 4th place
1D - 1 Adisyn Henderson
2. McKenzie Browning
3. Ashyln Wright
4. Gabriella Escobedo
2D - 1 Adisyn Henderson
2. Josie Rollins
3. Hannah Frediani
4. Frankie Carona
3D - 1 Josie Rollins
2. Gabriella Escobedo
3. Hannah Frediani
4. McKenzie Browning