Final Two Shows

 Hey NBHA TX 26 family and friends, its Tasha and Les, we wanted to give everyone a heads up about the final 2 shows and the awards banquet. The final 2 shows will be held November 8th and 9th 2014 at Barney Wiggins Arena, Livingston, TX. Books open at 9:00 am both days with a reverse order being run on the 9th (barrel exhibitions, pole exhibitions, open poles, youth poles, future champs, youth, teen, adult, senior, and novice barrels, then the open barrels). Hopefully this will help with the youth being able to leave early for school preparations. This will be and added money show with $250.00 added to the open barrels both days for a total of $500.00. Everyone is invited to the Finials show member and non-members the more the merrier. We will have the saddle maker available at the show to fit everyone for saddles. If you are placing in the top 5 in any class D please be sure to get fitted in case you win a saddle we will know the size. We will still be honoring the “Your Entries are Paid” program at this show. If you have worked more than 25 points or brought in sponsorships over $500 you will receive a free entry for one class and one horse for both show days.

Year End Awards

All awards will be given away at the awards banquet on January 24, 2015 at Bull Sallas Park in New Caney, TX. The location was chosen due to the numerous trips it will take us to get all awards there as well as the banquet room that comes at no additional charge with the arena rental. Although we had hoped to give everything out the last two shows and continue the tradition of a finals weekend we are unable to due to the NBHA National rule enforcement the last two shows must count towards the year end points, world points and year end awards. Furthermore, this allows us to order your award saddles to fit you not just a standard size as well as add any additional award placing if funds allow. We will have an Open Jackpot Race with side pots before the banquet. Books will open at 9:00 am, exhibitions 9:30 till 12:30, open will start at 1:00 pm. All awards will be given after the race.

Year End Award Eligibility

 Please be sure to double check the awards matrix to make sure that you have met the work point and sponsorship requirements for the year. All points and sponsorships must be paid by November 9.

Next Year Director Needed

 After careful consideration, we will not be continuing our position of NBHA TX 26 Director for the 2015 year. We will still be hosting shows with the possibility of NBHA co-sanction for those who want to earn world points or meet state show requirements. Therefore, please talk amongst yourselves and start searching for someone willing to take the position. Anyone interested please call us for more information.

Breaking News Please Share!!

ATTENTION EVERYONE WHO WAS AT THE LIBERTY SHOW AUGUST 2: A member just contacted me with news that their horse contracted a bacterial infection at some point in the last 7 to 10 days. There is no way of knowing if the infection was passed from another horse or place. The only place they have visited recently was the barrel race at liberty. The symptoms started off with the mare appearing sore and having trouble walking almost like she pulled a muscle. Later that night she wouldn't eat. Upon the first vet visit all tests including blood work showed everything was fine. Two days later the owner returned to the vet due to lack of improvement and 2 huge buckets of fluid were removed from her lungs. The fluid was tested and confirmed to be a bacterial infection and the mare is struggling to stay alive right now. If your horse is displaying any of these symptoms contact your vet immediately as well as have them contact Waller Equine for more information. Waller has stated that sometimes these symptoms take anywhere from 7 to 10 days to start appearing and then advance rapidly. Some horses might even be silent carriers and display no symptoms at all. Please feel free to contact me privately or publicly if you have any questions or if your horse has also had symptoms.

Liberty Show Time and Added Shows

Pre entries, stall & rv reservations will all open on Monday June 30th at 12pm.
We will be giving Buckles to the average open D winners. There will not be a payout for the average only the buckles. Thank You Chaffhaye for sponsoring the buckles!

Here is the schedule:
Come join us for a fun filled two day show at TVE in Liberty July 5th and 6th. We will be giving away Bob Berg Buckles to the average D winners!

Future Champions 8 & under $10
Open 4D $32...
Youth 4D ages 12 & under $25
Teen 4D ages 13-18 $25
Adult 4D ages 19-49 $25
Seniors ages 50 + $22
Seniors Points Only Carry over $10
Novice $1000 $20
Open 3D Poles $20
Youth 3D Poles 18 & under $20
Open Target Race $10 (carry over only from open - horse must be entered in both days of the open)

Saturday July 5th Schedule
Books open @ 2:00 pm
Exhibitions 3:00 - 6:00pm
Opening Prayer, Flag Salute & Arena Drag
Future Champions 8 & under @ 6:30 pm
Open 4-D @ 6:45 pm
Youth 4-D 12 & Under
Teen 4-D 13-18
Adult 4-D 19-49
Senior 3D 50 & over
$1000 Novice Horse
Exhibition Poles
Youth Poles 18 & under

Sunday July 6th Schedule
Church Service @ 8:00 am
Books open @ 9:00 am
Exhibitions 9:30 - 12:30 pm
Opening Prayer, Flag Salute & Arena Drag
Future Champions 8 & under @ 1:00 pm
Open 4-D @1:15 pm
Youth 4-D 12 & under
Teen 4-D 13-18
Adult 4-D ages 19 - 49
Senior 3-D age 50+
$1000 Novice Horse
Exhibition Poles
Open Poles
Youth Poles

We have just added a show on October 4th at Bull Sallas Arena in New Caney. We are still searching for arenas with open dates to add the second race.

For the month of July we will also be having practice nights on Wednesday at Bull Sallas arena in New Caney from 6pm-9pm. $10 per horse exhibition or practice all night. This will give those in the area a place to ride as well as help the county out with keeping the ground good. The arena is open to the public Mon - Wed from 8am - 3pm.


Good Evening Everyone! Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend. Below is a list of updates regarding the next show as well as the state show so be sure to read and share. 

JUNE 14 - LIVINGSTON RACE - Pre entries are open please go to our website to pre enter. We will start our evening show schedule at this race. Books open at 2pm. Bob Berg Buckles to D winners in Adult, Open Poles, Senior Jackpot, and Novice winner. Www.nbhatx26.com

June 27 - 29 - STATE SHOW - WACO - Our cause and color for this year is TEAL for Cervical cancer. The district who shows the highest spirit for their cause will win the spirit contest and their cause will receive all donations collected over the weekend as well as prizes to be given away as year end awards. We are encouraged to decorate our stalls and an area of the bleachers with our color and cause. Below is a picture of what the back of our shirts will say. I am gonna try to get both tanks and tshirts. As soon as I have a firm price I will pass along but it shouldn't be any more than $15 each. Let me know if you want one, how many and what type and size. The front will just have a teal ribbon on the left chest.

There will be a stick horse race this year as well as a coke race to determine which youth will represent Texas at the Youth Worlds coke race.

Summer Time Show Schedule Starts June 14, 2014 @ Livingston

Show Hourly Schedule - “SUMMER” Month Sanctioned shows will be run at the times listed below. 1. Books open at 2:00 pm 2. Regular Exhibition Barrels at 2:30 pm till 6:00 pm 3. Future Champions 8 & under at 6:30 pm 4. Open 4-D Barrels at 6:45 pm 5. Youth 4-D Barrels 12 & under 6. Teen 4-D Barrels 13 - 18 7. Adult 4-D Barrels 19 - 49 8. Senior 3-D Barrels 50 & over 9. $1000 Novice Horse Barrels 10. Exhibition Poles 11. Open Poles 3-D 12. Youth Poles 3-D

Immediate News - April 12th show will start at 1:30 due to member meeting

Good morning everyone! 5 days left to go! Cant wait to hand out these pretty buckles! Remember we are having exhibitions on Friday night as well as Saturday morning. Due to desperate need for a member meeting the race will start at 1:30 instead of 1pm. Some of you have read the recent post by District 30 that they have moved on to create their own production and are no longer affiliated with NBHA. I wish them all the success with their future endeavors and I am sure they will be wonderful events. With this happening 4 months into the season their district has been handed to us by the state director to help those members wishing to gain points the option to do so. We are the only close district that they could compete in and not lose points. I know that everyone will welcome these members with open arms. Comment freely but please remember to keep it clean as youngsters do follow our page. Any and all suggestions for the integration of the districts is welcomed. Can't wait to see yall Saturday please drive safe.