Immediate News - April 12th show will start at 1:30 due to member meeting

Good morning everyone! 5 days left to go! Cant wait to hand out these pretty buckles! Remember we are having exhibitions on Friday night as well as Saturday morning. Due to desperate need for a member meeting the race will start at 1:30 instead of 1pm. Some of you have read the recent post by District 30 that they have moved on to create their own production and are no longer affiliated with NBHA. I wish them all the success with their future endeavors and I am sure they will be wonderful events. With this happening 4 months into the season their district has been handed to us by the state director to help those members wishing to gain points the option to do so. We are the only close district that they could compete in and not lose points. I know that everyone will welcome these members with open arms. Comment freely but please remember to keep it clean as youngsters do follow our page. Any and all suggestions for the integration of the districts is welcomed. Can't wait to see yall Saturday please drive safe.